On Suffering & Us

by Grant Ulysses

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released December 29, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Cole Mendez at home in Orillia, Ontario. Thanks to Matisse Jenkins for always supporting me and putting up with listening to these songs half finished for months.

Thanks to Austin Hutchings, Taylor Geisel, Kevin Watson, Josh Stone, Matt Ledebrink, and all my friends in Orillia for giving me the memories that shape this music.

Nomadic Family made this possible. Thanks to Jake Thompson, Micah Thomas, Jack Finlayson, Geoff Taylor for embarking on that journey with me.

Thanks to Max Metcalf, Sean McCarthy, and Jon Catanus for making the live band a reality.



all rights reserved


Grant Ulysses Toronto, Ontario

Grant Ulysses is the dreampop solo project of Cole Mendez.

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Track Name: 14 Leaf Clover
I can see my dates
centred right below my name
perfect photograph
flowers and a faded frame
pairing narratives with
quotes of prose I didn't choose
it's just one lifetime and
it's over by the afternoon

sometimes I feel like it's already over
sometimes I wish that were true
sometimes I feel like a 14 leaf clover
lucky to wish here with you

I can see your dates
centred right below your name
granite suits your bones
flowers and a wooden frame
we took your body put it
places that you didn't choose
I can see my dates
ending the same year as you
Track Name: Motel Summer
I don't want a job
it's only money anyway
I don't even eat
and we'll make rent if sell you body
my hometown is a playground
except the kids are all fucked up
and we're just kids but we're in charge now
and we're to blame now but we're kids

we'll stay in motels
and smoke until our lungs turn black
we'll stay inside a single room
until our train wreck lives get back on track
and I know that you're still still sleeping
away each day we have together but that's okay because we both believe we'll be doing this forever
Track Name: Toy Camera
words will come to me
after I fall asleep
shame is concrete
it drags me underground
where I am free
shame defines me

when I can't breathe
you are like lungs to me

light will come to me
after I fall asleep
shame is unseen
lost inside the place
where I am happy
shame is lonely
Track Name: Drive
I think I'll stay inside tonight
and maybe count my walls again
I think I'll drive around the block
and pick up groceries in my head

we were spossed to die before our 18th birthday
now I don't know how to make it on my own
there's consequence for apathy, but there's more for fucking up
and we're fucking up badly

I think I'll stay inside myself
and maybe count my walls again
I think I'll drive and drive
Track Name: Line
do you mind
if I lie
and I tell you that everythin's gonna be alright
when I don't know that to be true
in fact, it's a crime
between how I live and how I wanna die
but that's not fooling anyone
least of all you

winters getting colder
I need to light a fire in my life
always getting older
I need to find warmth that goes inside

do you care
If im there
when I tell you that I'm at home wishing this was fair
when I know that's not fucking true
I think there's a line
between dishonesty and when I choose to lie
I hope that fools anyone
most of all me